Eco Village - Currumbin Valley

Eco – What does the word mean to you?

Buying eco friendly products?

Picking up rubbish when you walk past?

Paying for the carbon off set on a flight?

What about the entirety, the thought of actually living in harmony with the environment?

Thanks to growing environmental consciousness that is exactly what this inspiring community are living and breathing every single day. The Eco Village Currumbin Valley exactly 7 Kilometres, 7 Minutes and 7 traffic lights from the Pacific Ocean is challenging modern living in every aspect. The homes that are built on the 270 acres of land are not only sustainable to the environment around them they are also architecturally stunning. The Village is garnering attention FAST and has already won 32 accolades for its forward thinking.

The entire design from conception to implementation is awe inspring. Through 11 years of worldwide research it has established a benchmark standard for sustainable residential development, with environmental, social and economic sustainability as its driving principles.

Throughout the village one of the most recycled materials used is timber. The old dairy farm that was on the land has been the main source providing seating, communal areas and playgrounds. The Village runs completely off solar panels and even has its own Water Cycle. Through the collection of Rain Water and using a water recycling system they are completely off the main grid. All the homes are architecturally designed to benefit from the weather with breeze ways being favoured throughout the middle of the homes.

As is all Australian Land it is a sacred place that has been owned by the Indigenous for thousand of years. Currumbin is believed to be derived from the language of the Kombumerri People Kurrohmin meaning Kangaroo and Dharom-bin meaning a species of native pine tree more specifically for that region the Hoop Pine. The Eco Village shows respect to the original owners and has a cottage next to the Interpretive Centre that is a museum for cultural heritage.

Kinder living comes with the common misconception that you would have to forego your everyday luxuries. The Eco Village is testament to the latter by delivering exceptional design with world class functionality.



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