Rosehip Oil..

Rosehip Oil... I was first introduced to this product by a good friend in London. As you can imagine growing up in the hot Aussie climate did not prepare my skin for the onslaught of freezing temps, dry wind & a whole lotta pollution. It saved my skin and safe to say I have been addicted ever since. 

Reasons I love it:

1. It's organic and natural

2. Won't break the bank


Honestly this oil will take away pigmentation, hyrdate your skin, literally leave a radiant glow, and is pretty much totally allergenic free.

Extracted from wild rose bushes and pressed from the seeds it is originally derived from the Southern Andes, however you can source from many regions over the globe now.


1. Three drops in your palm

2. Add a splash of water

3. Apply

That easy! I also use it on the ends of my hair for hydration or anywhere that is particularly dry. There aren't any rules!

My absolute favourite/only brand I've actually tried* is Trilogy. Seriously get your hands on any of their products and you will absolutely fall in love. Originally from New Zealand the ladies behind Trilogy are so dedicated and passionate about our planet that alone inspires you to try their brand.

Hope you all enjoy


*Disclaimer: I am loyal to what I love*


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