The Holy Grail Of Body Scrubs

Energising Coffee Scrub - Himalayan Salt Scrub

I don’t know if it is just me but I find it impossible to find a store bought scrub that meets all my needs.  They are always either too harsh, oily, stinky and just generally unpleasant. The skin is also the bodies largest organ and soaks in anything put on it straight to the blood stream, so I am always wary of the all the ingredients with more 10 letters!

I decided to have a go at making my own. Let it be known I can hardly bake a cake so making my own body scrub was a little daunting, but it was honestly so easy and actually quite fun. Especially choosing the jar I wanted to put it in  

With that said.. Drum Roll Please…….

Introducing the holy grail of body scrubs..

Energising Coffee Scrub

  •       Cold pressed coconut Oil
  •       Ground Coffee
  •       Avocado Oil


Just simply mix it all together in a bowl and put into a jar. The ratio for coffee to coconut oil is around 3:1 adding more or less until you get a gritty consistency. You will only need around 20 drops of avocado oil to nourish the skin. Voila you have your own scrub!


Himalayan Salt Scrub

  •      Himalayan Salt - I find the medium ground grains the best
  •     Cold pressed coconut oil
  •     Rosehip Oil – Only 10 drops
  •     Lavender Oil – As many as you like


Exactly the same as the coffee scrub, just mix it all together and add the oils at the end. Ensure the consistency is very gritty for the best results.

Just follow these steps & your skin will be loving you. More Importantly free from all the nasties & animal friendly. What more could you want!

Depending on the season or just how my skin is feeling I mix it up between the energising coffee scrub and the moisturising coconut himalayan salt scrub

HN x

BeautyHannah Neller